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  • New Research in Decay Prevention - It's not just sugar!
    Why do some people get more cavities than others? At Dental Health we are learning more about what causes decay. New studies are showing that decay may be caused by more than the amount of sugar in your diet.

    Your saliva chemistry is unique to you. An acid environment in your mouth allows the bacteria that cause decay to thrive. This acid may be caused by certain foods you eat, medications you take or reflux of stomach acids.

    What can be done about too much acid in your mouth? For some people it may be as simple as changing your diet. For others we may recommend a mouthwash that will help neutralize the acids. Helping to stimulate the flow of saliva can also help.

  • Dental Health Goes Digital
    Our x-rays are now taken digitally, very similar to your new personal camera. This offers many advantages. First and foremost, it means less radiation, up to 75% less according to some studies. It also means we can view the image instantly, no waiting around while we go off to the dark room. And, there are no chemicals necessary to develop the image. This is much healthier for the environment and healthier for you. Just another example of our constant efforts to bring state-of-the-art technology to you.

  • You do have Choices
    Not all filling materials are the same. We do offer different types of filling materials. Many of our patients are choosing alternatives to silver fillings. Tooth-colored composites are an excellent option in many cases. New research is constantly improving the strength and life of these materials.
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"This office is the best! My dental health has only been better since I started coming here years ago. I just love you all."

"I'm a new patient and having some fairly major work done. I couldn't be happier with the professionalism and caring staff. And the wonderful dentistry."

"Dental Health has been my care provider for many years. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and customer service oriented. Thank you for your care."

"The atmosphere and hospitality of this office contribute enormously to making 'fear of the dentist' a myth. I have confidence that I will be treated with kindness and respect and that a professional job will be done. Keep it up."
Dental Health is conveniently located on Western Ave. in Brattleboro, Vermont. Click here for a map and directions.

We appreciate the confidence you show in us by referring your family and friends. We are never too busy to help.
Saturday, May 7, was Free Dental Day in Brattleboro. On that day, we were able to help community members who otherwise would not have been able to afford care. We are proud to be able to give back to this wonderful community. How rewarding for us to see the appreciation of our patients!

Saturday, May 21, was the Girls on the Run 5k. Girls on the Run is an esteem building program for young girls 3rd to 8th grade. The culmination of this program is a 5k run/walk. This was the 17th year for this Event. Dental Health team members have volunteered every year - selling t-shirts, applying face paints and hair color, and providing post-run refreshments.

Dental Health team members also participated in Bowl for Kid's Sake. This annual Event raises money and awareness for the Big Brothers / Big Sisters program of Youth Services. A big brother or big sister is a friend or companion to a child living under difficult circumstances.